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“Vincent is an engineer turned marketer. After studying Civil Engineering, Computerscience, and travelling the world during 6 months I started my career at Nuon Belgium, at the time of liberalisation of the Belgian energy market. During the six years working at Nuon Vincent saw every aspect of the business: IT, operations, finance and finally marketing.

In 2010 Vincent switched to Eneco to prepare the launch on the residential energy market in Belgium, as strategy & marketing director. In less than 3 years time Vincent grew Eneco Belgium from 0 to 300.000 customers (2011 – 2014). The combination of extreme customer experience supported by a solid digital approach lead him to being awarded the Marketer of the Year prize at the end of 2014.

In 2015 he decided to chase his life-long dream of starting his own company, which lead among others to the energy start-up June. June aims to change the way the current energy market works; addressing and solving real customer problems with an innovative“.

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