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Sven Persoone is Team Leader of the DemandGen Team at Graydon. The company combines data from external and internal sources and turns them into insights. Insights that help companies make better decisions in finance, sales and marketing and drive them towards a financially healthy future.

Sven has worked for Graydon for more than 20 years and, for a short while, he combined this with an entrepreneurial venture. This venture was eclipsed by his enthusiasm for the creation of a modern marketing department for Graydon in Belgium. The DemandGen team now operates cross-border in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

Over the past five years, he has evolved from an outbound to an inbound marketer. He has developed a profound understanding of content marketing and B2B marketing, with a clear focus on the buyer journey.

During his limited spare time he works as a freelance writer for a national newspaper and, as member of the STIMA Content Marketing Expert Group, he presents part of the content marketing course, where he inspires people with a practical case study based on his experience with Graydon.

In his private life, Sven is currently a passionate snowboarder, a tennis player and he enjoys writing for the Graydon business and about his content marketing experiences.

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