Food content

Mediafood provides professional high-quality food writing and communication services to the food industry.

We delivered content on food to the following clients:


  • Client: Vache Bleue
    Vache Bleue is a producer of lactose-free milk and cheese. The client was looking for a partner to deliver all the content for a blog entitled “smaakvolplezier”. In that blog, prospects and clients of Vache Bleue can find tips for enjoying the perfect dining experience, with seasonal recipes and matching wines and beers. Our team of professional food writers wrote all the content, which was also shared on Facebook, Pinterest, and in newsletters. Once the content has been produced, it can be re-used on different media platforms. Vache Bleue used this concept to create a strong relationship with both clients and prospects.


  •  Client: Delhaize
    After receiving the brief from Delhaize, we selected our best food editors to put together the editorial and content plan for the new magazine. Our food editors wrote more than 40 recipes for each edition. As Delhaize is also a wine specialist, our editors produced articles about wine and the vineyards Delhaize is working with. We also interviewed a tomato farmer, a feta cheese maker, and many other suppliers Delhaize works with. The aim was to illustrate both the quality of the food and tell the story of how it had been produced.  The magazine was a big success and allowed Delhaize to demonstrate its expertise and know-how.


  • Client Nestlé
    Can you deliver us recipes based on forgotten vegetables? Of course we can, that is what we do, that is the core business of the Mediafood unit. Our specialist food editors wrote an extensive series about ‘forgotten’ vegetables such as parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes or winter radish. Each and every vegetable had to be combined with a specific product from Maggi (Nestlé). We were responsible for all content and provided a brief history of each of vegetable.


And many more…

  • Engage new leads and clients by offering inspiring food content
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