Hire a journalist:

Have a specialist in your team

Do you have a job that needs a media specialist, but don’t have the right person to fill the role? Why not hire a journalist from Mediaforta? We have an extensive database of experienced journalists with strong track records. We will preselect candidates for your company, matching your requirements.

Your own communication staff may be great, but they can’t do everything. Sometimes, you may have specific tasks they are not able to fulfil, whether it be due to time constraints or lack of experience. Yet recruiting an extra employee is often not a costeffective option. Hiring a journalist on a contract basis is often a better solution. We will take care of the selection and recruitment process and provide you with an experienced journalist on a part-time, full-time or freelance basis, depending on your needs.

  • Get an experienced in-house specialist
  • Benefit from the storytelling skills of a journalist
  • Get clear, independent and objective copy


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