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We take care of all your content marketing needs from a to z.

  • Get found
  • Be recognised as an expert in your field
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Improve social media reach
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Encourage interaction
  • Improve social media reach
  • Get quality leads
  • Attract more business
  • Get results

Content mapping:

Offer the right content at the right time

Content mapping is a tool to structure your digital content marketing strategy in order to offer the right content at the right moment in the customer journey. Based on your buyer personas and their needs, you can relate content to the decision process in the sales funnel.

  • Relate existing content to the buyer journey.
  • Define what content is needed to offer a complete package information.
  • Deliver content for all your buyer personas on a regular basis.


Understand the true impact of your investments in content

Digital content media offers the opportunity to measure the effectiveness of your efforts in a very detailed way. Mediaforta helps you understand who is interacting with your content and if these prospects are possible clients.

  • Get to know how many people read or watch your content.
  • Understand the sharing that starts after content distribution.
  • Analyse the return in terms of lead generation and sales.

HubSpot services:

Run an automated, multichannel digital content strategy

The HubSpot inbound-marketing software platform helps companies build reach, generate leads and convert those leads into clients. Mediaforta is a HubSpot partner and offers the services of the platform to organise digital content marketing in an effective way.

  • Create, organise and distribute your content with software that keeps the focus on segmented needs in your audience.
  • Build a sustainable relationship between content creation and the buying process.
  • Use analytics to understand how content works for your prospects and customers.

Marketing automation:

Automate your content while focussing on individual needs

Marketing automation helps companies that have such a marketing volume that they are unable to manually respond to each customer reaction. Software offers the opportunity to target clients and prospects with a dedicated message at the right time.

  • Customise content for your different buyer personas.
  • Automate the timing of your content distribution.
  • Organise a more effective lead-management and demand-generation process.

Lead nurturing:

Stay connected with cold leads thanks to content

Lead nurturing is an automated approach that helps companies stay connected with future customers or leads that are not yet ready to buy. Mediaforta tracks qualified sales leads and delivers valuable content through e-mail marketing that actively engage them.

  • Stay top-of-mind and build brand value by offering quality content.
  • Target with more precision using segmented e-mails.
  • Connect with leads as soon as they subscribe.

Lead Generation:

Open the door for your sales department

Lead generation, in relation to digital content marketing, is the main accelerator for your customer’s purchasing process. This part of the marketing process stimulates and captures interest in a product or service, and helps you develop your sales pipeline.

  • Collect details about prospects that show interest in your expertise, products and services.
  • Analyse whether leads are hot or not—that is, whether they are potential clients for your company.
  • Prepare your sales team to take the right steps to turn leads into sales.


Maximise the conversion rate of your content

A call-to-action (CTA) can maximise the conversion rate of your content and improve the user experience of your visitors. By offering them a supplementary piece of content, strongly related to what they just consumed, you can generate confidence and trust to enter their personal details and start the conversion process.

  • Make your content more efficient by giving more information on how visitors can solve their problems or accomplish their objectives.
  • Create vibes around your brand without using self-promotion.
  • Generate prospect details and information on the topics they are interested in.


Increase lead generation and traffic to stay top-of-mind

Digital newsletters are the most pervasive medium to build connection and communication between an organisation and individual customers. Newsletters with quality information generate a strong viral forwarding effect and opens the door for hot lead generation.

  • Facilitate dialogue with feedback from clients.
  • Strengthen the relationship with these customers.
  • Increase lead generation and cross selling.

Social Media:

Build relationships and drive repeat business through sharing

Social-media marketing helps you build relationships with your clients and drive repeat business, as well as attracting new customers. Mediaforta’s quality content can help you create a multiplier effect—if your content adds value to your consumers’ lives, then they are likely to share it with their own networks—allowing you to maximize your reach and create new-business leads with customers who are already interested in your company.

  • Choose the right social-media channels to reach your potential customers.
  • Have conversations with followers that can become engaged consumers or clients.
  • Let good content travel through the viral power of social networks.


Build your authority and trigger conversations with your buyers

A blog is a very effective medium to communicate and tell stories about topics that matter to your clients and prospects. More than corporate websites, blogs can engage potential and current customers with content that triggers conversations.

  • Use a tone that fits with the DNA of your company.
  • Give your opinion on trends in your industry.
  • Bring interesting news, case studies or testimonials to your customers.

Editorial content:

Solve the problems of your audience and become an authority in your industry

Editorial content convinces visitors to subscribe to your blog or newsletter because they know the content is not advertising based. This type of content doesn’t promote your products or services, but it solves readers problems by offering validated content.

  • Structure your written content in articles that are easy to consume online.
  • Answer the main questions every customer is asking about a topic.
  • Solve problems and let this be the starting point of every piece of editorial content.

Content Calendar:

Organise your content distribution and diversify your themes and topics

A content calendar helps you plan what you want to share through your owned digital channels, including social media accounts. Mediaforta creates quality calendars that will help you identify what is important for you to publish and determine the optimum time to promote it.

  • Organise your content creation and distribution by using a coherent content calendar that gives an overview of your content planning.
  • Make sure you cover every relevant item within your content domain.
  • Relate timing to content and link your strategy with special events, holidays or traditional marketing efforts.


Buyer Persona:

Get to really know your customers and buyers!

Buyer personas are a highly effective way to help devise your inbound marketing strategy – and Mediaforta can create them for you. So much more than the regular customer profiling, use them as a tool to persuade buyers to choose you rather than a competitor.

  • Learn what your customer’s goals, challenges, keywords and “pain points” are.
  • Improve your ROI by knowing how your target customers are likely to act.
  • Craft and tailor your marketing messages so you can achieve the best possible outcome.


Reach an extended audience in an effective way

Webinars (online seminars) are a great way to share knowledge and can help you reach an extended audience without spending time and money on travel and accommodation. Mediaforta can help you set up webinars to get your message and ideas across.

  • Give your communication a sense of occasion
  • Reach your audience either live or on demand
  • Connect with clients and prospects interactively

Hire a journalist:

Have a specialist in your team

Do you have a job that needs a media specialist, but don’t have the right person to fill the role? Why not hire a journalist from Mediaforta? We have an extensive database of experienced journalists with strong track records. We will preselect candidates for your company, matching your requirements.

  • Get an experienced in-house specialist
  • Benefit from the storytelling skills of a journalist
  • Get clear, independent and objective copy


Become an expert at inbound marketing

Do you want to organise inbound marketing activities yourself? Mediaforta helps you to develop the content skills you need. We offer several training packages delivered by specialsts with years of experience.

  • Get trained by specialists
  • Get the skills you need
  • Become an inbound marketing specialist yourself

Updating All Your Digital Media:

Engage customers and prospects with relevant new content

Inbound marketing is an ongoing process. It’s not enough to publish a few great posts or videos – content has to be up-to-date and relevant in order to engage readers and encourage repeat visits. Our editorial team is on-hand to update all your digital owned media (blogs, social media, websites, e-letters, etc) with timely content. Every week, every day or every hour – how often is up to you.

  • Become a go-to source of real time information
  • Provide commentary and insight on news and events in your industry as they happen
  • Regularly engage users and increase traffic to your digital media offering

Creating An Audience:

Start broadcasting your messages to your audience

Of course, having the right content is of no use if you don’t have an audience. Mediaforta will develop and deliver an integrated online promotional strategy to increase traffic, attract the right web visitors and convert leads into customers. This can be achieved with a combination of digital PR, online promotion and SEO.

  • Get found: make sure potential customers can find you
  • Attract your target market and generate qualified leads
  • Increase traffic to your owned digital media
  • Improve conversion rates

Digital Content Distribution:

Distributing your content online is one of the most important steps in a content marketing strategy. We help our clients to develop their own digital media so they can distribute their content and create direct relationships with their customers. Mediaforta designs and builds content-driven customised digital media platforms including websites, e-magazine, blogs and social media.

  • Distribute your content: we build your websites, e-magazines, e-newsletters, blogs, social media….
  • Result-oriented approach: we offer professionally designed digital media that is optimised to convert visitors into customers.
  • Create relationships: we help our clients to create direct relationships with consumers through their own digital media.

Digital PR:

Mediaforta works as a PR company that reaches out to influencers to ensure your company or product is seen by the right people at the right time.

  • Reach key influencers in your industry
  • Get free ‘earnt’ media coverage
  • Use Mediaforta’s network of contacts


Visualise your processes or data

We can design visually appealing infographics that will help establish you as an expert in your industry. Infographics allow you to break down lengthy information into smaller portions of key concepts, so it can be understood at a glance.

  • Convey complex information easily
  • Easy to download and share online, on social networking sites, etc

Video Content:

A powerful way to reach your audience

Video content is a great way to boost your online personality and brand identity – and Mediaforta  can do it for you. Whether it’s a ‘how-to’ video on using a product, a “Hear from the CEO”, a customer testimonial or a video interview that highlights a service, we can offer fresh, new ideas to promote your company and services.

  • Traffic: online videos increase traffic to your website
  • Personality: video boosts your online personality and brand identity
  • Impact: video has an emotional impact on the viewer

Digital Brand Journalism:

Attract customers with great content

Good content is critical to your inbound marketing strategy. Attract new clients and leads by providing and distributing high quality, inspiring content related to your business that your customers will want to read.

  • Become an expert at brand journalism with our help
  • Become an authority in your industry
  • Provide excellent content for your website, blog, whitepaper, e-letter, etc.

Content Marketing Plan:

Plan a successful inbound strategy to engage new clients

Mediaforta will create a strategic content plan for your company. We set out the messages, audience, channels and techniques, along with the internal and external processes required to make it happen.

  • Achieve your business goals in a structured way
  • Key activities needed to meet your objectives

Content Scan:

Overview of the effectiveness of your existing content

A full content analysis. What content does your organisation use? How and where is it used? What are your real objectives and needs?

  • Gives an overview of your digital footprint today
  • Explains how to succeed at inbound marketing
  • Sets objectives and goals

All this, plus an amazing service and support:

Whether you are new to inbound marketing or have a lot of experience, we can help plan and execute your content strategy from A to Z. Our team of specialists are on-hand to offer personalised guidance to help you create, spread and promote the right content to your clients and

prospects. Whatever your inbound marketing goals, we can help.

Talk to an inbound specialist today.

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